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Day 10 – Cold feet

August 27, 2014

Day 10:

I did some thinking about this sleep experiment this last night. The chances of my prolonged success on this (or any schedule besides monophasic or biphasic) are pretty low. Realistically, I could probably only hope for one or two weeks into school before I gave up or crashed hard enough to not be able to recover. With this in mind, I need to establish the goals that should have existed at the beginning, and create an end date for this experiment.


  • See if I can pull of a triphasic sleep schedule
  • Experiment with different sleep patterns, and learn more about sleep in general
  • Satisfy curiosity
  • To get more time out of each day
  • NOT to sleep triphasically for an extended period of time

School starts when I hit two weeks into the experiment. I’ve constructed my schedule so that it fits with triphasic, but it certainly works on monophasic as well. I think likely possibilities for end dates are the weekend before school starts, and every subsequent weekend. I am very curious as to what mental workload I can carry on this schedule, but the reality is that it’s probably less than on a monophasic schedule because that’s what I’ve done most of my life and my body is tuned for that. In the spirit of learning and getting the most out of school academically (and probably socially as well), it would make the most sense to switch back to monophasic before school starts. I admit this reluctantly, I would much prefer to just dive in head first – I wonder what that says about my character.


12:50 – 2:30 AM

This nap was pushed back from it’s scheduled time of 12:30 because I had company over. (In part because of that…) It was difficult to wake up from this nap, so it was a good thing I set multiple alarms. So I eventually got up, did dishes, cleaned some of the house, but at 4:20 now, I’m still extremely tired and probably going to take a nap…[several hours later]…aaand the first 20 minutes of that nap were very refreshing, but the next 2.5 hours mostly brought on bouts of exasperation. I stayed awake for another 90 minutes to fully break the sleep cycle, and then went back to bed.

3:00 – 4:00 PM

This was an impromptu car nap attempting to end the major groggy feeling of sleep deprivation that had been shadowing me all day. Just earlier today I had hoped to end this at a planned date, but it seems I won’t make it even that far. I’m disappointed to say that I think this signals the end of this experiment. I’ll wrap things up in the next post.


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