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Day 8

August 25, 2014

Day 8:

New thing: should have started this earlier, but I’m going to track my wpm once every wake period as often as I remember, I feel like there might be a pattern.

12:40 – 2:10 AM:

WPM: 76

This nap was actually 1:25 – 2:40 because it took me a from 11:40 to 1:25 to go to sleep. I blame this on the LCD screen I stared a  for several hours right up to bedtime. I need to make sure I avoid that in the future… Post-nap, I immediately got up and did some push-ups. Took a few to wake up fully, even so, but I was probably at about 80% wakefulness at the 10 minute mark.

I got a solid 3.5 hours of studying done before energy started to wane around 6:00; since I didn’t get a full hour and a half of sleep – 55 minutes of deep sleep, should have been sufficient…maybe it was superfluous – I guess that’s not unreasonable.

7:30 – 9:00 AM:

Woke up soo easily from this nap. My alarm went off and within about a minute, I was wide awake still lying on my pillow, and feeling great. On top of that, I remembered what I was dreaming about – since then it’s completely escaped my memory. This was one of the best naps yet, though Sleep As Android shows only about half an hour of deep sleep; this seems accurate too since there’s lots of movement happening for most of the rest of the night. So either my body is on top of things and is doing what it needs, or Sleep As Android is being inaccurate. OR, I have a completely inaccurate conception of what deep sleep is and what it does for me. Probably the latter.

At about 2:30 PM, my energy level really started to drain. I had forgotten to eat anything after 4 AM, so I was also out of fuel when I realized my brain wasn’t being fast enough to drive anymore, I was driving at the time. Never drive when you’re tired.

4:30 – 6:00 PM:

WPM: 76

Woke up groggy. Turns out my alarm went off during deep sleep. Action >> move alarms out 15 minutes and add 15 minutes to smart wake-up period. This should essentially add a grace period of 15 minutes to use if necessary (I think the alarm goes off ASAP when light sleep starts in the smart wake-up period). Once I did wake up, I had five hours of really excellent wakefulness. After that it started to decline a little, but still made it through the entire wake period with plenty of energy. I would love to find a correlation between deep sleep (66 min. this time around) and energy/wakefulness.

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