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Day 3

November 10, 2013

This day was rough. I had significant trouble staying awake during the 1:30-5:30 cycle. It helped that I jogged laps around the common room every 20 minutes, and watched engaging shows, but I still ended up falling asleep staring at my computer. I don’t know exactly how long I was asleep, but it probably 45 minutes to an hour. I woke up with about 20 minutes before my next nap, and, being exhausted, decided to take it. The extra sleep had no apparent effect, so I expect the only effect it will have is slow my brain’s realization that it doesn’t have a lot of time to sleep.

I almost didn’t wake up for one of my afternoon naps. My roommate saved me by flashing lights, and moving the source of sound (my alarm) around, and finally pulling the blankets off me. I wasn’t aware of any of it, and only woke up half a minute after he stopped, and wouldn’t have guessed anything had happened unless he had said something. So, my alarm now consists of music played through ear buds. It’s pretty loud, so it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll wake up (unless the ear buds fall out, of course). Eventually, once I get more adjusted, I want to go back to trying to reduce the volume of my alarms, but until then, I just want to make sure that I actually wake up when I should.

The rest of day was, in a word, tiring. Focusing was very difficult – essentially impossible to be productive. Kept staring off into the distance. Had no problems falling asleep, and none waking up (getting up took some mental discipline). Sentimentally speaking, the day was a rather lonely one. Spent lots of time by myself because I couldn’t really function well enough to 1) Do much of anything with other people, and 2) Actually think of doing things with other people (a sad little self-perpetuating circle). In the evening I did find some people to hang out with, and had some conversation afterward. Some stayed up with me for several hours and having another person(s) around helped  a tremendous amount, both with the loneliness bit and staying awake.

Playing piano today actually resulted in some nice improv. I failed to record it (sorry…) because I was pressed for time, but it was significantly better than yesterday’s improv (which is weird to me seeing as yesterday I was much more overall functional).

I was pretty much hungry all the time. The cold symptoms seem to be taking 24 hours to cycle through (sore throat for 24 hrs, cough for 24 hrs, etc). I’m still very sensitive to cold at night (I wore a coat with my sweatshirts inside). After the naps, I still feel like I’m walking around in a dream, though I haven’t yet remembered any dreams from the naps themselves, and I believe this is known as the alpha state …My memory isn’t really working very well right now, so there may be other things worth saying, but I can’t remember any.


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